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Aloha! Thank you for your message!
Regarding client contracts, I’d go to a legal firm in your country / state to get it done – interior design is quite complex with lots of moving parts and my clients have very comprehensive contracts, spanning often 20+ pages. They need to be created by a professional who understands your laws and the business of design.

Our suites are both the same but have a different look & feel. Stockholm is a bit more masculine and Sydney feminine – but both have the same assets. We’re adding more assets over the coming months and they will be added to your package as soon as we’re done.

The suites are most valuable for professionals who don’t have your skillset as I’m sure you can create beautiful assets by yourself. Having said that, many of our customers buy a pack even if they are great at graphic design, to get all the assets ready hence saving time in figuring out what assets to create.

Canva is a great tool but you can also upload them as a PDF to any tool and continue editing!
I hope this helps! Good luck with your business, it’s an amazing journey 🙂