Authority Builders

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Lastly, we need proof.

You need to identify what proves that you are an authority in your niche. Here’s a list of several authority builders, list yours!

PS. You might want to create a living document where you add your Authority Builders each year. Every time you’ve been in a magazine, add a link. Every time you complete a training or a certification, add it to your list.

And every time you feel like things are not moving towards where you want, as fast as you want… have a look at your list 🙂 This list, together with your reviews and client praises will make any hard day feel better!

Authority Builders can be:

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  • Official education, certificates
  • Former employer
  • Previous collaborations
  • Voluntary work
  • International experience
  • Past profession
  • Languages
  • Interviews
  • Past media
  • Own media channel: blog, podcast, newspaper

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  • Your unique ingredients
  • Competitions, awards
  • Books and published articles
  • Your own experiences of a transformation; did you go through something difficult or interesting?
  • Previous customers’ results
  • The number of followers
  • Famous customers (mind their privacy)
  • Your sales figures