Category Changemaker

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You have identified the core elements that will make your marketing and sales work. But here’s the problem: your competition also targets the same audience. Your competition might have a deep understanding of the client profiles and personas, and their problems and desires.

They might have similar backgrounds as you, and maybe they value the same things as you do. Maybe, even the visual brand presentation and copy seem the same as yours, at least in the eyes of your customers.

You need to keep defining what really makes you stand out.

Let’s define your Category Change Maker. This is how you make your core philosophy and POV come alive; how you package your brand elements and create a thing that makes people say “oh, that’s interesting. It makes sense. I want it”.



(this is hard, and it might take a long time before you land it.. once you do, it’s magic!)

  • what’s the “idea” for your CCM?
  • define your Category Changemaker!