Core Philosophy

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Let’s continue with your Core Philosophy!

The core philosophy is the aim of your business. What do you aim to accomplish with your business? What’s the movement, the positive change you want your business to make in people’s lives?

Not every company is aiming to dramatically change the world, but even small businesses should have a goal to improve people’s lives in some way. Whether it’s to help them save time so they can spend it with their families, or make a local village an attractive place to visit and live in.



your assessment today is to identify and write down your core philosophy. Tackle questions such as:

  • What do you believe is TRUE?

  • What is your company’s PURPOSE?

  • What do you believe is GOOD?

  • What do you believe needs to CHANGE?

  • What’s your goal with your business?

  • How does your CORE PHILOSOPHY affect your decisions?