Niche & Category

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What is a niche?

A niche can mean many things, but we like to identify a niche as a certain thing you (your value) do for a certain type of people (your customers) in a certain category (your brand positioning)

Niching down means that you make a conscious decision to focus on the core value and core target audience.

You can have a few niches, as long as they don’t cannibalize each other.

For example, you can have white glove services for your main customer market who want premium / luxury services, and high-quality products for a larger market that appreciate your premium services but can’t purchase them, for one of several reasons.


The category is where you decide your brand is going to be positioned. We identify 4 categories: commodity, mainstream, premium, and luxury. And, we also cover what brand category jumps are!


ASSESSMENT – niche & category selection

  • your assessment today is to design your niche (if it is relevant to you at this moment)
  • decide on your brand category