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Let’s continue with your POV

When was the last time you saw a leading expert brand have zero opinions? Leaders have strong opinions about the state of their industries. A well-designed Point of View communication supports what your brand – company, product, or personal – stands for.

POVs are a defined set of beliefs you share with your audience. These perspectives amplify and align your value, position, philosophy, and strategy. It’s important to note that since they reflect the customer environment and the offers you have, they need to be dynamic and always evolving with your brand and the environment.

Strong and powerful POVs are derived from your why, beliefs, values, and customer experience. They are an elegant and thoughtful mix of what you believe is true, what you know your customers go through, and what’s going on in the market, and can be best summarized as

  • Your company why – the reason for your existence
  • Your own core and value system – what you believe is true
  • Your take on the current market trends and happenings – what you see and experience is going on
  • Your customer experience and pain points – what you know your customers go through



Questions to think about

  • Is there something that is bugging you about the current state of your industry?
  • Do you have a disruptive POV that you want to present to your market, knowing that it will leave them better off?
  • Have you figured out a new way that offers an alternative way to approach the problems your customers are facing?
  • Do you feel that the way your competitors are operating is outside of your core values?
  • What do you believe is true for the benefit of your customers?
  • Design one or a few powerful POVs s that you can use in your marketing to claim your expert position.